The story of a Century of Prayer in Carlow begins with Saint Francis and Clare.
It is impossible to tell the story of one without the other, for in the Providence of God these two are inseparably intertwined. The tiny seed sown in thirteenth century Assisi rooted itself firmly in the Church and thrust out vigorous shoots to become the great flourishing tree of the Franciscan family spreading far and wide.

The Poor Clares have been living in Graiguecullen, Carlow for over 100 years. The generosity of our kind neighbours, friends and benefactors has been unbounded. Day and night, as we keep vigil in turn before our Divine Lord’s Sacramental Presence, we praise and thank Him for all the wonderful people, know and unknown, near and far away, past and present, who have been and are the instruments of His overflowing generosity to us. For the needs of all we intercede continuously before Him because the fatigues, misery and hopes of the children of our common Father, in their personal and family lives, are ours too. This is our vocation in the church; ” to be co-workers with God himself “, as St. Clare expressed it.