We invite ladies who are considering the Religious life, wondering, pondering, and not sure if it is for them to come and talk to us.

You can also arrange to have a Monastic Experience on a day that will suit both yourself and our Community.

Please email us at the following address if you are interested:



Prayer for Vocations

O Virgin Mary, to you we commend all our

 people, particularly those called to

 follow Your Son more closely.

  You know the difficulties, the struggles, the

 obstacles they must face.

  Help them to utter “yes” to the divine call, as

 you did at the invitation of the Angel.

  Draw them to your heart so that they can

 understand with you the beauty and the

 joy that awaits them when Almighty God

 calls them into intimacy, to make them

witnesses of his Love and enable them to

 inspire the Church with their consecration.

    O Virgin Mary, help us to rejoice with

 you in seeing the love which was

 brought by your Son being welcomed,

treasured and returned.


          (Prayer of Pope John Paul II )