The Second Sunday of Lent  speaks about the Transfiguration Of Jesus. The most important message we heard from the Father, ” This is my  Son, the beloved to whom I am well pleased listen to Him”(Mt. 1-9).  First the Father revealed the identity of Jesus as His Son, the beloved, the chosen One. We must listen to Him. In this world  we could hardly hear the voice of God that speaks to us . There are a lot of deafening  voices around that hinders us from listening well to the message of God. Like Peter, James and John, Jesus invited us to climb to the mountain  of prayer  so we could hear the Divine voice of God that speaks in the silence of our hearts. By spending time alone with  God in prayer, we will experience the joy of conversing  with Him. He will reveal Himself to us, He loves us so much! Lent is a time of grace, the opportunity  to dedicate our time in listening to Him, to strengthen our weak love and increase our faith. In this Synodal journey of lent, let us invoke Mary, our Mother, who stood beside the cross of Jesus to help us in this journey. 


Pope Francis message for Lent 2023